October 31, 2013 – Reading Group

The year’s first reading group will centre around the conflict in Syria and the issues faced by those displaced as a result. All are welcome to attend. The readings for the session are:


1) Health care access for Syrian refugees

2) Syria Crisis Timeline

3) UNICEF report on Syria

4) IRC Syria Review

More Articles Online Here:

5) The Economic and Human Toll of Syria\’s Worsening Refugee Crisis: Democracy Now! Interview with Omar Dahi

6) Photography: The Most Important Thing: Syrian Refugees:

7) (Dis)integration: Palestinian Refugees in the Syrian Civil War:

8)  Too Close for Comfort: Syrians in Lebanon

9) The Struggle of Twice-Displaced Refugees: Palestinians Fleeing Syria to Lebanon

10) The Syrian Refugee Crisis Intensifies

Day and location:

3-5pm Thursday October 31
Marvin Gerstein Room
Marvin Gerstein Science Information Centre, 9 King’s College Circle

Please leave a comment, or email us at uoftrefugeealliance@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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